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I present this single photo of Betty Grable as a nod to her status as the first American pinup. According to my extremely strict standard of leg appeal as THE LEG AUTHORITY, however, I can't place Ms. Grable in my top rating tier, largely because of her pronounced calve muscle.

But this is an iconic, even historic, photo and Ms. Grable certainly has the right idea!


Legs as Art

Historically, the human form is perceived and understood as a work of art, in some quarters the feminine in particular, and the legs on my handpicked models are so perfect and beautiful in form that they are, indeed, works of art. Fetishistic or obsessive passion for female legs thus combines appreciation for a creation so perfect that it comprises a work of art, with the libidinal response to a part of the female anatomy readily interpretable and indeed commonly understood and perceived as erotic. In partial explanation of the latter we understand that all roads legs lead organically to a "Promised Land," second only to that glimpsed in a far different context by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My unique Internet resource, LEG FETISH HEAVEN, presents and represents an exploration, explanation, appreciation, and thus necessary celebration of the compelling and often tantalizing beauty and form of the female leg. This endeavor, part exercise in social science, is driven by, and rooted in, the extensive legs knowledge, powerful legs sensibility, and near obsessional appeal that a superlative pair of female legs has for its creator and webmaster, THE LEG AUTHORITY--me!

A fetish, or explicit and singular focus, on legs, is called crurophilia. Several dictionaries share this definition:

"The love of or erotic fixation on legs."

I'm actually interested in many kinds of beautiful things, not just legs! My interest in beautiful, that is, geometrically perfect legs is explained by my interest in all things beautiful:  as a kid I had bottle, rock, and coin collections, saving and collecting interesting and attractive bottles, coins, and rocks. In fact, my Father and I were interested in "treasure hunting," I bought a small metal detector (still have it), we flirted with selling detectors, and we attended a few meetings of a local treasure-hunting or coinshooting club.

Treasure-hunting and coinshooting remain great, wholesome hobbies that I highly recommend for individuals and families!

Of course, as an adult my collecting impulse has expanded (I still love bottles, coins, and rocks), and I've added something new to my collecting activity, as reflected in this web site!

Legs in Popular Culture

Inevitably, neither the female form, generally, nor the female leg, particularly, would, could, or did escape public acclaim and attention.

During World War II, for example, our American and allied fighting men would post the "leggy" pinups of the day, actress Betty Grable perhaps most notably, on the bulkheads in their cabins, whether aboard submarines, battleships, or other vessels or craft. Similarly, LEG FETISH HEAVEN is a "glamor" (or so-called "cheesecake") website featuring women and girls displaying, in a generally tasteful way, legs that are, at least, extremely attractive, though in most cases, utterly sublime.

Since then, and today, the cultural effect of the female leg is almost inestimable and certainly incalculable. They are on display to one degree or another amongst and across the entire human race.

The Brighter Side of Humanity

It is reported today that a teenaged gunman--gunboy--killed seventeen people in Parkland, Florida. This latest massacre in America, and equivalent injury of person-to-person, human being-to-human being across this planet, reveals that humanity still hasn't determined how to order itself properly, and that we see each other as enemies and targets, as often as brothers or sisters connected in one human family.

Viewing photographs of our physically lovely sisters in attractive poses, as you can do at this and my other LEG AUTHORITY websites, helps us recalibrate our view of other people, realizing that we humans can give each other joy and pleasure, in many, if not every, way, as often as heaping misery and pain upon one another.

And of course, let's remember that all persons including women, are defined by far more than their physicality:  intellect and values form the entire package!

Leg Fetish Heaven


And indeed I, CRIS DEE, based in the New York City area (U.S.A.), am THE LEG AUTHORITY, a "Gamologist" or person expert in the female gam, or leg. I'm an American male and "leg man" for essentially my entire life, with a definite, developed, and clear perspective about what constitutes a superior female leg. Moreover, I have the desire, and thanks to, the means to provide this perspective to every other leg man worldwide.

Examine every page of this site carefully, and you will benefit from my knowledge, insight, and understanding of the Female Leg.

Previous Modeling Project

I have suspended my previous modeling project whereby I would create a membership site, also called a paysite, for a model, and then sell memberships to that site for a monthly fee, in exchange for which the member would receive new leg-oriented images monthly, of that model. I discontinued that project as it was simply too resource-intensive for me, at this time.

However, if 1.) you are an unusually visually compelling model, especially your legs, 2.) especially interested in such a project and 3.) willing to commit substantial personal resources, such as time, to assist me in realizing it, contact me to discuss.

Handpicked Models

Each and every model presented at this site has been painstakingly handpicked by me, THE LEG AUTHORITY. If this site isn't far-and-away about leg quality over quantity, it's about nothing. As you have, or will, unquestionably notice, each woman here has spectacular legs--and I mean spectacular according to the rigorous and uncompromising LEG AUTHORITY definition! Not a calve muscle or inaesthetic calve or leg line to be seen here, just long, flowing, beautifully and gracefully arced thighs and calves, almost always attached to a superb derriere, and far more often than not a gorgeous face, as well!

As you gaze at my collection of hyper-hot-honies, you'll realize that I have a very definite and developed set of ideas about what constitutes a great female leg! Lucky for you, however, because you can pick literally any girl at this site and find yourself easily drooling over her, especially if you're a legman.

When I say handpicked I mean handpicked!

Perfect legs to THE LEG AUTHORITY are a thing of genuine and powerful beauty; art, in fact. I love great legs and girls with great legs!


The LEG FETISH HEAVEN website is "non-nude," meaning it displays no nudity whatsoever. You will search all my images in vain for display of a single p*bic hair or n*pple. Nor do my sites include any links to p*rnographic websites, or even employ common language if it has a vulgar root, such as the term "MILF."

Modeling for LEG FETISH HEAVEN is similarly tasteful and non-nude.

This is yet another advantage that puts LEG FETISH HEAVEN a universe above most other legs sites: most of them feature nudity, or even feature or link to p*rn. Not me, not my site, not my images. You can show this website to your grandmother--she'd probably get a kick out of it!

The Perfect Legs Tour

Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show that Never Ends

Leg worshippers, leg men, and simply Ladies and Gentlemen:  I have compiled and created for you here a visual collection of some of the most perfect female legs on EARTH! Begin at the top of my home page and slowly, very slowly, move to page-bottom. Thus will you take my mind-blowing tour of literally some of the most perfect female legs on EARTH!

Ladies and girls, if you think your legs belong in this world-class, top-tier group of the best legs on EARTH, please apply to become a leg fetish model. Application requirements are on my homepage. And men, if you think that one of the ladies in your life has spectacular gams, encourage them to apply, or surprise them and apply for them!


You'll notice that textual content at, whether image captions or longer prose, often carries my trademarked humor and wit!

(Ok, it's not really trademarked!)

Other Leg Sites

This is a tough topic. I have nothing but respect for fellow webmasters who are so drawn to the female leg that, like me, they specialize in these kinds of images.

Why, then, did I create my own series of leg websites?

Frankly, however--and I'm sorry to say this--many, if not most, of the legs in the leg images presented on the Internet, even at dedicated leg sites, are distinctly mediocre--and many are downright disgusting. The legs show visible calve muscle, often large, sometimes jagged or otherwise poor in appearance, poor skin color or tone, or lack of smoothness. These are some of the problems with most other sites. If you don't understand what I mean, you will--after viewing the hyperhot, hyperleggy honies featured at my Free Leg Showcase! These girls have legs that are utterly beautiful:  long, smooth, shapely with flowing lines, and superb skin tone.

For those of you inclined toward leg or foot worship, these legs truly deserve your, and my, leg or foot worship!

Each pair of legs on each of these models is truly an organic work of art. Hyperbole? Have you ever seen Michaelangelo's David? The human form, especially in exceptional cases such as the women I'm offering, can truly be a work of art.

Having now visited a number of these ostensible (i.e. claimed to be, but may not be) leg sites, and viewed a varied number of images there, I must acknowledge that, speaking personally, I would never display or feature girls with the generally poor caliber of legs overwhelmingly seen. Of course, these webmasters likely do it in part because they simply don't have the exacting standard for legs that I do, and in part because more models displayed means appeal to a wider variety of men, and thus more potential income, as these are often subscription sites. Moreover, many leg webmasters are not singularly leg-oriented at all, and actually run multiple web sites promoting various kinds of themes; not just legs. I understand these strategies; I just refuse to employ them. My mission is principally legs, not dollars!

I just finished visiting a well-produced site with the word "leg" in it (it was "*******"), purportedly devoted to sexy female legs--yet half of the thumbnail images were of women not even displaying their legs! I wish I were kidding!

My fellow leg-oriented webmasters seem to think that merely displaying a woman in stockings or heels gives her great legs. Not so! In fact, when legs are stupendously and perfectly shaped they can, indeed, stand on their own (no pun intended), meaning they actually require no adornment for their beauty and perfection to be evident. Some models, for example, are almost always completely bare-legged, wearing no stockings or heels of any kind, yet their legs alone are utterly entrancing!

Celebrity Legs

Much is made on the Internet of "celebrity legs": most dedicated leg sites focus, in part or whole, on the legs of female celebrities, and indeed some celebrities do have great legs. Most do not, however. A female celebrity can spend untold amounts of money on designer attire, including pantyhose or even stockings, opulently expensive shoes, and leg, foot, and toe treatments, but in the end it always comes down to the legs, themselves. They're nicely shaped, or they're not.

Katy Perry, for example, does have very good legs, though not excellent, although some photographs suggest that they're better than they are. A female celebrity with truly excellent, though under-rated, legs, actually a touch better than Katy Perry's, is Miley Cyrus. Miley has great legs.

Celebrity status does not accord an individual spectacular legs, so you will not find an inordinate focus at LEG FETISH HEAVEN on celebrity legs--just on spectacular legs, no matter who they belong to. Those celebs with legs like that are featured here, in all their glory.

Only the Finest Legs

LEG FETISH HEAVEN is really one of the very, very few select sites--perhaps the only one--with complete integrity and genuine commitment to nothing but the absolute finest legs on EARTH! If you're a leg connoisseur spending your "relaxation" period or "downtime" here at LEG FETISH HEAVEN, you just don't know how lucky you are! You are touring, and have personal access to, literally the finest legs in the world, on the very finest, hottest, most stunning women and girls!

Note that all females shown at LEG FETISH HEAVEN are, as far as known, genetic females. In other words, you're seeing what you think you're seeing!


THE LEG AUTHORITY respectfully advises bi-sexual, so-called "nonbinary," and even established homosexuals to seek the best therapy they can afford, and plenty of it, to attempt to work through these issues and arrive at your proper gender identity:  male, or female, pairing with the opposite gender.

He or she who will suffer most from such unresolved confusion will likely be you.

In fact, until as recently as 1973, homosexuality was officially and medically considered a mental illness.

In spell-checking this sub-section, my spellchecker did not recognize the string "nonbinary."



This site possesses neither means nor inclination to collect any information, of any kind, about you, whether personally identifiable information, or aggregate data ("aggregate" refers to information amassed about people not individually, but as a group).

In other words, when you visit this site your identity and personal information are completely unknown to me. There is absolutely nothing I can or will know about you, your browsing or shopping patterns, your web browser, your computer, or your location.

Again:  I do not sell, lease, share, otherwise distribute, or even retain any personal or financial information from site visitors. I have neither the inclination nor, in fact, the technical means to do so.


This site contains, to my knowledge, no trojans, virii, dialers, or malware of any kind. And there is no one responsible for creation, maintenance, and update of this site but me, The Leg Authority. Moreover, as you can plainly see, this is not a "p*rn" or other kind of dangerous site.

Provided that you're using a top-quality anti-virus program, updated regularly, as you should anyway, you are as safe here as you could be anywhere on the Internet. Again, safer, actually, as this is not a p*rn site.



I do not hold the copyright on any image presented, here, and assert no such claim. I'm aware of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and attempt good-faith compliance. If I'm presenting your image here to your objection, please apprise me, with proof of copyright, and I will remove it immediately--if that is genuinely your wish. But let's think about this for a second. I strongly recommend that you permit me to keep your image here, and here's why:

1.) It provides you bragging rights that CRIS DEE considers your legs superior enough to feature at his Internet Leg Showcase.

2.) It provides you bragging rights that CRIS DEE considers your legs superior enough for possible inclusion in my planned book on legs, noted below: LEG FETISH HEAVEN VISUAL GUIDE TO THE MOST SPECTACULAR LEGS ON PLANET EARTH. See below. If I've included you at this website, your legs are good enough for inclusion in the book, as well.

3.) My aggressive promotion of leg worship and leg fetish activity, which certainly benefits you if you're a leg model, or promoting leg models or leg fetish/worship. We're already losing the war to foot fetish and perhaps even other kinds of fetish.

So another advantage in permitting me to keep your image here is that my Leg Showcase strongly and aggressively promotes legs and leg worship! If you are a model with superb legs, and they are your trademark, calling card, and signature body part, you'll want as many men (and women) as possible to become, and remain, extremely interested in leg worship, leg fetish, and models with great legs! My sites certainly do that--in spades! You must admit, my Free Legs Showcase is very unique! If my site doesn't promote leg worship, and babes with stellar legs deserving of that worship, I don't know who or what does!

Consider the filmmaker Woody Allen. Is he the most profitable filmmaker in Hollywood? No. But his work is of such absolute quality and integrity that acting in one of his productions is highly valued, and any actor or actress who is presented with the opportunity to appear in an Allen film jumps at the chance. Likewise, I assure you that any model I select for inclusion here at LEG FETISH HEAVEN will only be a model with the absolute, categorical, best-of-the-best legs on EARTH, and thus it's a categorical honor to be included among the models here, as they are all deemed best-legged by LEG FETISH HEAVEN!

In point-of-fact, inclusion of a woman at the website of LEG FETISH HEAVEN is actually a privilege and relatively rare honor, for it means that this woman has legs that meet the extremely high, selective, exacting, and highly specific standard of Leg Excellence of LEG FETISH HEAVEN!

In other words, models, if you are on this site, you and your legs HAVE ARRIVED!

New Jersey Child Erotica Act

The operator of this website, this writer, is aware of the 2018 N.J. Child Erotica Act, and strenuously attempts good-faith, full, and proper compliance. Indeed, as defines child as "a person between birth and puberty..." this Internet resource, LEG FETISH HEAVEN, knowingly presents no image of any prepubescent individual.

Moreover, I readily accept all suggestions and direction toward full compliance of this statute from any duly authorized law enforcement or judicial agent, officer, agency, or other relevant authorized official or entity.

Please send your direction or suggestion to me at

Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The operator of this website, this writer, is also aware of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and attempts good-faith full and proper compliance. To this end, I readily accept, and indeed solicit, all suggestions and direction toward full compliance from any duly authorized law enforcement or judicial agent, officer, agency, or other relevant authorized official or entity, or from copyright holders.

Please send your direction or suggestion to me at If you request removal of copyrighted material, please provide proof-of-copyright.

Leg Fetish Heaven Visual Guide

One of the most compelling, valuable, and distinct advantages to permitting me use of your image/s, is that such a cooperative spirit will predispose me to include you or your model in my upcoming book:


- TO -


Get a Life

Beautiful women, whether in person or portrayed in images, can be tantalizing, intoxicating, even addictive--just like food, television, cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. So live a healthy lifestyle, limit time spent on your computer, and get out there in the real world and meet real women! If you have a problem with p*rn addiction, search the Net immediately using for helpful resources.

If you're a married man (or woman), I suggest that you apprise your partner sooner, rather than later, of your interest in this website and the female leg!

Last, and importantly, please take to heart the message that, although this site showcases one particular part of the female anatomy, the leg, people ultimately must not be judged by their physicality. In the end, all women, indeed, all people, are beautiful! Indeed did actress Carrie Fisher, known famously and now forever as Princess Leia of Star Wars, sagely tweet recently "Youth&BeautyR/NOT ACCOMPLISHMENTS,theyre theTEMPORARY happy/BiProducts/of Time&/or DNA..."

Now turn off your computer and go take a walk in the park!

Tribute to the 1980's



Before so much of America was taken over by the political-cultural "vaginas" (i.e. women) & their liberal/radical allies! The kneejerk older-Caucasian-male-hating, abortion-loving, homosexualizing, dope-legalizing, lowering-of-standards-accepting, press-2-for-Spanish, humanity-destroying agenda!

No, this is not about bigotry of any kind--I have a placard of Dr. King permanently in my front window! Nor is it a rant against political correctness, for it is my certain knowledge that people must be much more sensitive to each other, as only Love, properly understood, will save this world! No, this is about concerns such as preservation of culture, and ultimately, organizing and conducting the affairs of our species with genuine intelligence and Love--which we're certainly not doing today! From capitalism, to Donald Trump, to bigotry, to pathological individualism, to continuing war, to large-scale indifference to every manner of human need, to explicit destruction of our natural environment, to lowering of standards of every kind, to everyday incompetence by just about everybody in regard to just about everything, including everybody walking around with their nose in their smartphone instead of focusing on their job, and much more!

Gone Live

This site was relaunched on October 09, 2013, and again, this time largely as a vehicle to solicit leg fetish models, on Saturday, April 21, 2018, tho recast yet again as a Grand Legs Tour, draft for a possible Legs coffee-table book, and conduit for leggy girls to get "exposed," which, in the Internet parlance of today, simply refers to having their photos published online.


Contact me, CRIS DEE, Founder of LEG FETISH HEAVEN, at:  crisdee AT sent DOT com. Replace AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols.